•  Electric Tricycle For Passenger We nedd 10

Electric Tricycle For Passenger We nedd 10

500,00 USD

The Data Of Electric Tricycle:     we Search it to buy                                                                                           


Type 1000 Fantasy 1000 Direction Of The Disk 1000 Instrument Dial 950 Fantasy 950 Direction Of The Disk  950 Instrumental Dial
Battery Voltage 60V/72V
Battery Power 120Ah
Diamensions   2520 x 1000 x 1050mm   2450 x 950 x 1050mm
Wheelbase 2193 2125
Wheel Base 900 950
Front Tire 3.00-12 4.00-12
Direction Of The Machine Fantasy Disc Fantasy Instrument Desk Fantasy Disc Fantasy Instrument desk
Weight 400Kg
Top Speed 35Km
Continuous Range 150Km
Charging Time 8-10h
Gread Ability 8 6
Open Type Hands Open/Push And Pull



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